Stawamus Chief, home of the Epic and a thousand stories…

The Stawamus Chief, Squamish BC

The Chief means many things to many people – there is a rich First Nations significance stretching back centuries and a thousand hiker tales to be told on the trails to its three peaks. If you’re a climber, well, it’ s place in the climbing landscape is legendary. Who hasn’t had an epic on the Chief with a rope that got snagged, gear that got dropped, or  that favourite classic “my headlamp died”?

I know I’m not alone in my affection for this graniIte monolith that anchors our town and stands guard over the Howe Sound. We want to know what the Chief means to you. What’s your story? Please send us your favourite Stawamus Chief tale and we will post it under our coming soon ” Your Stories” page. Or write us a note on facebook. And if you, like us, are worried about the new proposed gondola development that will split our Park in two, write a letter to one of our decision makers who in coming months might give the ok to change our Park forever.


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